ARES / RACES NET - Every Tuesday 7PM EST 146.700 PL123.0 Echolink #845553

EmComm - Emergency Communications

The TRYON Amateur Radio Club is active in emergency commincations (EmComm) on many fronts.

ARES provides a variety of skills and resources for radio communications.  The primary mission for this special group of radio operators is to provide commnications during times of disasters for our served agencies like the Red Cross, Hospitals, Shelters, Schools, etc...  When other means of commucicaton are down, Ham Radio Works 100% of the time!

Net Manager - Scott Turner W8NUD

If you are interested in being a NCS for our Tuesday ARES / RACES Net, please let Scott W8NUD know of your interest and he will get you scheduled.  If you want to practice, just download the script below, follow along with the current NCS and write down a list of check-ins.  You will be surprised just how easy it really is and it won’t be long before you will be one of the regulars.  We always need NCS’s and will welcome you with open arms.

One of the best videos on how to participate in a net, please watch.

Good Net Practices

Best practices for net control and station operators during public service events or emergencies. Advice from the members of the Marin Amateur Radio Society in Marin County, CA. 

ARRL Forms and Manuals

Disaster Preparedness:

Disaster Preparedness 101: Don’t Miss These Go-Bag and Pantry Essentials!

There are many things you can do to be prepard, click the link below for more information on how.

Fulton County Public Safety Live Feed

You may hear a 30 sec. commercial before the feed begins.