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"It is not the class of license the Amateur holds, but the class of the Amateur that holds the license" 

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How do you renew your license?

There are several ways to renew your license, once you know when it expires. Note that you can only renew a license 90 days before it expires or within two years after it expires (more about that later).

Renew via the FCC website. The easiest way to renew your license is by using the FCC License Manager System 90 days or less before your license expires. Point your web browser to

Click on Filing -> File Online, and then sign in to your FCC account. If you don’t already have an FCC account, you’ll have to set one up.

Enter your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password into the appropriate text boxes, then click “SUBMIT.”

On the “My Licenses” page, click the “Renew Licenses” link. You will then be able to select which license you want to renew.

You will be prompted by the FCC’s system to make a payment of $35 to renew your license for the new 10-year term. The FCC began collecting license fees on April 19, 2022, in accordance with federal law set by Congress. You will have 10 days to make payment to the FCC before it removes your renewal application.

2023 Field Day Site Confirmed!

We will be operating from the Town Park in Northville, NY 12134.  If you put 401 S. Main St. in your GPS you should find it.  I will have more details later.  Lets get excited!!!!


ARRL 2023 Field Day

Greetings everyone,

I am currently in the process of confirming our Field Day location. As soon as it is finalized, I will inform you all. In the meantime, kindly inform Steve Kuck, K2ALS, if you wish to take part in this year's Field Day. I assure you that we will have excellent food, great company, and an enjoyable time.

Don Wa2eZ

Broadcasting & It's History

Thanks to Dylan for sharing this article with us, we will pay it forward, click the button below.

Special Theme for World Amateur Radio Day 2023 Announced 

The International Amateur Radio Union announces that Human Security for All, HS4A, will be the theme of World Amateur Radio Day on 18 April 2023. For the first time, the United Nations Trust Fund for Human Security and the World Academy of Art and Science are partnering with IARU in a campaign to highlight the role that amateur radio plays in addressing the world’s most pressing needs.

Human Security measures security at the individual level. First introduced by the U.N. in 1994, the concept identifies seven interrelated dimensions of security that are essential to an individual’s wellbeing: economic, food, health, environmental, personal, community and political.

The partners believe Amateur Radio is uniquely positioned to address people-centered, context-specific security challenges by promoting technical knowledge, practical skills, innovative technology, and the deployment of backup systems at the community level that can be called upon in times of emergency. The pandemic, climate change, natural disasters, and armed conflicts on several continents undermine our security and respect no boundaries. Amateur Radio has repeatedly demonstrated its ability to address human security needs. It is a truly global communications medium comprising some three million radio enthusiasts connecting communities and the peoples of the world. 

IARU, a federation of the national amateur radio societies of over 150 countries worldwide, is the global advocate for amateur radio through its Sector Membership in the International Telecommunication Union, an agency of the U.N., and other activities. In celebration of World Amateur Radio Day, IARU and its member-societies will be conducting a special two-week on-the-air event 11 – 25 April. Special event stations will be operating from around the world, making two-way radio contacts to call attention to the HS4A campaign.

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From the desk of K2ALS: Radio Operators Needed: 7/9/23

Bob Decker, AA2CU writes:

We are in need of volunteer ham operators for this year's Boilermaker Road Race. For those of you who may not be familiar with the operations we conduct on race day, we run a directed net where we have operators stationed along the course to watch for runners who may be in distress. Runner safety is our main concern, but sometimes, we provide other communications that is within our authorization as hams when needed to support personnel on the course.Typically, we try to locate our operators near EMS personnel, either at Aid Stations or Water Stations so that your duties are limited to communicating info via radio to the net control. Net control is located in an area where access to other services (EMS, hospital tents, police, fire, and other public service agencies, etc.) can be coordinated.

The date is Sunday, July 9, the time is, as usual, early enough to see the sunrise from your operating position and probably a few stars as well (typically you need to be on station by around 6:00AM)! Many of you have been volunteers in the past, and for those of you that have, all that is necessary is to go to this link Boilermaker Road Race: Volunteer ( and tab down to the "Returning Volunteers" paragraph. Click on the highlighted here text and it will lead you to the volunteer registration. Remember, our group is known as Ham Radios, so be sure to sign up in that group. If you have any questions, please e-mail me or call (315-797-6614 or 315-269-2340).

If you're new to the race, and/or know of any other hams who'd like to join us, please feel free to register as well using the same link. In that case, instead of going to "returning volunteer", go to the "New Volunteers" paragraph. You'll be prompted to create a login and password (typically e-mail address for the login and your own choice of password. Try to remember it for future use as well!). The prompts will ask you what you want to volunteer to do (there are a LOT of categories!) Again, remember that our group is "Ham Radios" and NOT "Communications". They're in alphabetical order, so keep tabbing down til you find us!

We're always looking for more operators and this is a great community service activity and a really good excuse to use your handheld! Speaking of which, if you don't have one or have plans to get one soon, let me know as well, since we can usually come up with a "loaner" if we have an operator to match it up with! In most cases, a 3-5W dual band (2M/440) handheld is fine, and if you have an extra battery pack, it would be helpful if the original one is a lower capacity version.

I'll have more info to follow soon including details of a slight "detour" in the course near Whitesboro St due to road construction activities. 

Please e-mail or call me (315-269-2340) if you have any questions.

Hope to CUL!


Bob Decker, AA2CU

Ham Radio Club of the Month.

Payson AZ, Check these folks out.

The Tonto Amateur Radio Club (TARC) is a non-profit organization located in Payson, Arizona, that is dedicated to the promotion of amateur radio and the advancement of radio communication skills. The club was founded in 1967 and currently has over 100 members.

TARC offers a variety of services and activities for its members and the community, including regular club meetings, licensing classes, public service events, and special interest groups such as digital modes, emergency communications, and contesting. The club also operates several repeaters in the area, providing local coverage for amateur radio operators.

In addition to its regular activities, TARC is also involved in a number of community outreach programs, such as providing communication support for local events and assisting with emergency communications during natural disasters.

Overall, the Tonto Amateur Radio Club provides a valuable resource for amateur radio enthusiasts in the Payson area and is committed to promoting the growth and advancement of the hobby.

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ISS Tour & 

Space Station Crew Uses HAM Radio to Call Earth

Congresswoman Stefanik Recognizes TRYON ARC.

We are deeply grateful to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik for recognizing the Tryon Amateur Radio Club on our 50th year of service. 

This certificate is a testament to our dedication and commitment to promoting the use of amateur radio as a means of communication and fostering a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for this hobby. 

We are honored to receive this recognition, and it serves as a reminder of the importance of our work in advancing the use of amateur radio. 

We will continue to uphold the values and principles that have guided us for the past 50 years and remain committed to serving our community and the amateur radio community as a whole. 

To All Members

Congrats on your 50th!!!!

How Weather Affects Radio Propagation

Because of their water content, live trees can also alter how well radio signals get from one place to another. A few trees won't affect your signal much, but a forest can partially or completely block your signal from getting very far. For most amateur frequencies, the few trees in your back yard will typically have little effect on your ability to be heard. But if you're surrounded by a dense forest, especially one covered in snow or drenched in rain water, you might find your signal to be noticeably degraded.

If your coaxial cable is free to swing in the breeze, even slightly windy conditions can result in erratic signal reports, and can even work antenna joints and connectors loose. Be sure to secure your feed lines, structures, and antennas to sturdy anchoring posts or buildings. Make sure store-bought vertical antennas have wind ratings (often labeled wind load) that can withstand your largest local gusts. Don't underestimate the power of air movement.

Collective lightning crashes from thunderstorms many miles away can be heard on your HF receiver as atmospheric noise, and can present anything from a minor nuisance to a complete inability to communicate. Related to lightning, excess static build-up due to air movement can discharge not only on your antenna, but on nearby chain-link fences and buildings, often heard on your radio as loud static pops resembling a crackling fire.
This training is more of a heads up than how to resolve weather-related problems, due to the extra time it would take to cover all of that. The point is, most weather won't affect ham radio operation very much; just don't be too surprised if you start getting unfavorable signal reports when the sun starts setting. 

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Start this video at the 30th minute.

Amazon Smile Is No More.

We have been fortunate to receive generous donations from Amazon Smile program in the past, but unfortunately, it is no longer available as of February 2023. As a result, we are currently exploring other options for similar donation programs. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who selected us as their charity of choice while shopping on Amazon. Your support has been invaluable and will be greatly missed. Please stay tuned for updates on a replacement program, as we are actively searching for alternatives. If you are aware of any comparable programs, please do not hesitate to let us know. Once again, thank you all for your generosity and support! Wa2eZ 

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to our newest member, Brian N2OTY, who has recently joined the TRYON Amateur Radio Club. We are thrilled to have him join our community and look forward to working alongside him in advancing our shared interests in amateur radio. 

Welcome, Brian! 

H44MS Solomon Islands - Feb 10 - May 8 2023

Bernhard, DL2GAC will be active as H44MS from Honiara, Guadalcanal Island, IOTA OC - 047, 10 February - 8 May 2023.  He will be operate on 80 - 6m SSB.  

Bernhard M. Stefan, Moeggenweilerstr. 18, 88677 Markdorf, Germany.

Our Next Test Date is April 8th.

Goto our Calendar page for all the details.  Calendar 

New Meeting Day and New Testing Day!!!

Please note that our monthly meetings have been rescheduled to take place on the first Wednesday of each month. Additionally, our testing is typically held on the first Saturday of every month. Please refer to our Calendar page for a complete listing of all upcoming events. We would like to take this opportunity to extend an invitation to all members to attend our next meeting and say hello. Your presence and support are greatly appreciated! 

Our New Look and Design.

By Donald Gifford Wa2eZ, President TRYON ARC

Thru March 2, 2023

Maintaining a website is a complex task, and unfortunately, our previous site had become cluttered, outdated, and neglected over time. While no one is to blame, we recognized the problem and took action to address it. After investing many hours into recreating our online identity, we are proud to unveil our new and improved website. It's now shiny, bright, and packed with useful information and links. We invite you to explore the site, share it with others, and check back frequently for updates. We appreciate the support and input we've received from our members, and we remain dedicated to making our community a better place through the efforts of our committed radio operators, who are always striving to keep us safe. 

Upcoming Special Event Stations:

Bullthistle Hamfest

April 15th, 2023:  

Details on the hamfest, click below.